Commercial gym rubber floor tiles and astro turf

Morgansports.com.au provides rubber floor mats to protect your floors, absorb sound, provide foot traction and look good. Our 1m x 1m x 1.5cm rubber floor tiles are great for commercial gyms, fitness centres, garages, kids play areas and institutional areas. Rubber floor tiles are easy to install and can be reused if you change your mind about the gym layout or relocate to another facility. Our Floor mats come in a highly compressed and top and bottom layer sealed rubber with bevelled edges, as opposed to jigsaw mats that lock together like puzzle pieces. An addition of astro turf allows for power and speed sleds to be pushed and pulled along a turf like surface, ensuring there is no friction for the end user. Direct wholesale pricing to your club, ensures that you get the best deal for your members, shop now at morgansports.com.au we are a direct B2B wholesaler which means, we will never sell to your clients directly!