Morgan Olympic and specialty barbells with storage

Morgansports.com.au offers a great range of commercial grade Weight lifting bars that come in all shapes and sizes.  The most common are straight bars, EZ curl bars and our hexagonal barbells. There are also a broad range of specialty bars that are designed to target very specific muscle groups, such as curl bars, trap bars, and triceps bars. Olympic bars have 2 inch diameter weight pegs and are intended to be used with Olympic weight plates with 2 inch diameter holes.  When combined with a set of weight plates and barbell collars you have a powerful set of tools to tone your body and increase your strength. Always consider a bar holder to keep your gym tidy. Direct wholesale pricing to your club, ensures that you get the best deal for your members, shop now at morgansports.com.au we are a direct B2B wholesaler which means, we will never sell to your clients directly!