Why Morgan?

Morgan Sports has been in business for over 30+ years, founded in 1988 it has cemented itself as a leading industry wholesaler of combat sports, functional fitness and rugby league supplies. Direct wholesale pricing to your business ensures that we provide you the best deal for your clients. We are a direct B2B wholesaler, which means, we will never sell to your clients directly!

  1. Experience: Over 30+years of Boxing Equipment, Martial Arts Equipment, MMA Equipment, Functional Fitness Equipment, Weightlifting Equipment, Rugby League Equipment, and Commercial grade flooring and matting knowledge in the art of Importing, Manufacturing and Wholesaling combat sports and fitness equipment.
  2. Commercial Grade Equipment: Suppliers of Commercial and industry grade Combat Sports and Functional Fitness Equipment, ensures when our products are made we are tailoring our equipment to commercial and industry standards.  
  3. Industry Recognised Suppliers: With 5000+ customers in the Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Functional Fitness, CrossFit, Weightlifting, Rugby League Industries with over 2500+ products available on our online website, placing us amongst the top wholesalers and industry suppliers within Australia for combat sports and functional fitness equipment.  
  4. Endorsements and Approvals: Australia’s Leading Sports Bodies and Organisations like, Boxing Australia, Martial Arts Sports Association Inc (MASA), NSW Police, Police & Community Youth Clubs (PCYC), Country Rugby League (CRL), Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF) ensures that we are always in touch and closely co-operating with governing bodies to ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards that are set by these associated bodies.
  5. Bricks and Mortar: Our warehouse and showroom are located in Shellharbour, NSW Australia.  90min south of Sydney, from our location we ship hundreds of orders daily and also invite you to come and view our fully fitted showroom, see our split-level storage warehouse and feel the products you may be interested in before you purchase your bulk order from us. 
  6. Best Advice: 10 dedicated office staff and sales representatives are able to provide you with immense knowledge of the products we sell, you may want to purchase a particular item and we feel that it is not what you require, you are spending more than you need too, our staff will be the first to tell you, we have built our company based on honesty to our clients and focusing on 100% customer service.   
  7. Available Finance: Partnering with Flexi Commercial Finance and Prospa Pay allows us to offer you great, affordable and reliable finance for your orders, we and our partners recognise the need to not only finance but also pay off equipment interest-free for a period of up to and including 3 months.
  8. No MOQ: We do not believe that any Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Functional Fitness, Weightlifting, Rugby League Club or Retail Store should have to meet a Minimum Buying Quantity per order, we understand that sometimes you may require a smaller order to get you through until your larger orders, we value your order no matter the size.
  9. True Industry Wholesalers:  Being a top industry recognised B2B provider, means that we DO NOT BY ANY MEANS deal with the general public, nor do we sell any items from our company or website at a Retail Pricing Structure (RRP). We strongly believe that as wholesalers it is your right, our customer to re-sell our products at a fair retail price. If you require any advice on RRP pricing please call our office and one of our staff will be more than happy to assist your business.
  10. Family Owned Company: Being a family owned company, the owners understand from their own personal experience what our customers expect when dealing with Morgan,  starting from very humble origins, Morgan Sports understands that company owners should be available at all times to talk and assist their customers, not hiding behind their office staff or receptionists. Feel free to ask for Aly or Nita when calling our office, they will be more than happy to assist you in any way they can.