“Winning isn’t everything..... It’s the only thing.”

This saying has rang true since 2012 since our last loss together. 3 days after the result and still seems somewhat surreal. The comeback fight against one of the best in the country, big crowd, main event and everything seems going to plan. Round 4 three big shots culminating in a knockdown and all of a sudden we are in trouble. The wink and semi-smile tells me he is ok.

How long to go I ask my corner, 40 seconds is the response I call instructions and he comes back to the corner, calm and composed. We reset and head back into battle. The next 4 rounds are back and forth, the final bell goes and all I know is that it’s close, very close. Split decision the other way, not really surprised but I was hopeful we had done enough to get the decision or at least a draw.

We leave the biggest stage we’ve been on to walk back to the room, the punters in the crowd shake your hand pat you on the back and sing your praises..... what a great fight.... tough kid....... I thought he won. In the room, the other fighters look and ask how’d he go? Split points down I say ..... great fight. No signs of being in an 8 round fight except a little egg on the forehead.

As I walk out to assure Em, Nic and the kids he is fine it suddenly dawns on me that a strange feeling is taking over my mind. We lost ...... what the F*%K..... we don’t lose. 

Almost seven years since we have lost a fight together. 2:30 am I lay awake not being able to escape my thoughts, I question everything we did, everything I said and ponder if it was right. 3:20 am I’m dosing off trying to meditate and finally put my mind to rest that we did all we could to have our hand raised. Winning isn’t everything......, Learning is!

Author: Nudge Mieli

National Futures Coach – Boxing Australia.