Warranty Policy & User Safety

Product Guarantee: 

All Morgan Sports products are fully supported by Morgan Imports Pty Ltd. All products are covered by the manufacturers and supply warranties. If goods appear faulty, we will ask you to send images of the defective product + invoice of purchase date, DO NOT dispose of the item until we have been sent an image. 

 Product Warranties:

All Morgan products are covered by a 6-month manufacturing warranty against commercial use of the product, with some warranties extending beyond 5+ years for made to order products; this warranty covers the structural integrity of the product (excluding clearance items). As you can imagine the products we sell are used in extremely harsh commercial conditions and are subject to extensive wear and tear by the end-user. At any point, if products are showing wear before the 6 month warranty period, contact us immediately. 

User Safety: 

We strongly recommend that regular monthly spot checks take place of the equipment situated in a commercial environment, these checks should be done by either centre managers, centre staff or maintenance staff. Ensuring user safety should be of paramount concern to any gym owner and operator and we advise you as a centre operator, to take this seriously and ensure your staff are trained on how best to conduct these checks. You should have a recorded logbook of when equipment checks are done, by whom and the status of the products when checked. If products are showing excessive wear we strongly recommend you remove the product or put an out of order, do not use sign on the equipment and purchase an updated model asap.